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Melisa Morales

About The Artist

Melisa was born and raised in California, moved to Colorado in 1970 to guide horse back tours in the Rockies and where she met her husband Steve. They relocated to Hayward in 1974. She opened a stained glass studio in 1976 and designed and built commissioned windows and lamps for 12 years. Meanwhile she joined Steve in owning and operating New Moon Ski Shop from 1976 to 2005 and raised two awesome daughters. Since 2005 she’s spent her time gardening, traveling, experimenting with various art forms and enjoying life in the Northland.

Artist’s Statement
I love the immediacy and diversity of photography. Most of my work is very close views of ordinary things and my compositions are, on the whole, abstract. I like to create ambiguity by looking at a familiar object from an unexpected point of view. An object may look like itself and like something else at the same time or look like something else entirely. The ideas that the viewer forms of the piece are as valid as my own and enrich my own experience of discovery.

Chrome Curves 12”X15” - photo $75
Aqua Borealis 12”X15” - photo $75
Red Bull Nebula 15”X12” - photo $75
Blue Flyers 15”X12” - photo $75
Snow Falling on Pontiac 12”X15” - photo $75
Pontiac Fish Eye 12”X15” - photo $75
A Wing and a Prayer Triptych 16”X31.5” - photo $195

A percentage of the sales benefit the Park Theater. Thank you.

The art was exhibit through April 2012.

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