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Diana Randolph

About The Artist

As an artist, Diana’s goal is to express the mood of a specific place on a particular day, focusing on light, color and rhythm of the landscape. Her favorite media to work with are pastel and oil painting. She loves the freshness of pastels (which are pigment in stick form) and she enjoys layering the strikes of color over one another on paper in a painterly manner, and emphasizing the focal point with texture, contrasts of light and dark. As an avid snowshoer and cross-country skier, Diana favors the winter season. It is her time for inner reflecting, devoted to writing and painting.

Diana’s current winter paintings display honors environmentalist, author and journalist Bill McKibben (lecturing about Global Warming at the Park Theater on February 21, 2013). To bring public awareness about this subject, Diana has participated in a traveling exhibit, including art and scientific information.

Ms Randolph studied art at Northland College, and with author and master pastelist Albert Handell who has endorsed her new book, Beacons of the Earth and Sky (Savage Press): “Diana is a hard-working and talented artist — whatever she does, she does it well and with enthusiasm.” Diana’s book is available for purchase in the at Art Beat of Hayward, Book World, Farmstead Creamery and Cafe, and Redbery Books.

Diana teaches art classes in the Cable-Hayward area and at the School of Arts in Rhinelander. For more information please visit www.DianaRandolph.com.

Squinting At The Light 22” x 20” oil on board $325
Gliding Through Snow 24” x 20” oil on canvas $385
Deep Shadows 11” x 14” pastel on sanded paper $145
Sally’s Overlook 11” x 14” pastel on sanded paper $145
Winter Path 16” x 20” pastel on paper $300
Horse Prints Across Snow 12” x 22” pastel on sanded paper $250

A percentage of the sales benefit the Park Theater. Thank you.

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