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About artist Damian Vraniak

When you still the body of its incessant doings and calm the heart of its unending feelings and quiet the mind of its perpetual thoughts, that is, when you stop being busy, upset and worried, you begin to see the beauty of the world.

It is so in such moments for me, often at the end of the day when the sun has gone down and the stars are not yet out, when the world seems to stop and empty itself of all form and feature.

I am reminded, then, that there is in each of us an interior scenery that has incredible facets and qualities of beauty that rival the most spectacular waterfalls or most stunning wild flowers. For each of us is formed uniquely, with special aspects composed in such a way that one is like no other. Indeed, if you sit quietly enough, without disruption or distraction, you may begin to sense the awesome, wonderful and beautiful nature sculpted in you, if you know how to do so.

To look at a beautiful painting we are told to notice the color, texture and lines. In order to appreciate a good wine we are told to attend to its fragrance, smoothness and sweetness. But what of our interior selves, what are we to note and how do we do so? We must pause from our busy engagements with the world, so that we may see the world anew. By emptying ourselves of all the doings, feelings and thinkings with which we are flooded and filled, we may see in new ways.

Such is my intent in sharing these colorful wildflower photographs with you, that you may be so captured and captivated by the beauty outside of you, that you will pause and be drawn to contemplate the great beauty within you and within those close to you. For whenever and wherever Beauty catches our attention, we become attached and begin to appreciate the Truth of the grand design which marries that which is within and that which is without . . . we come to know that Beauty and Truth are only mediated, wedded by Love.

When we recognize within ourselves the beautiful and providential reality of the land, and realize relationships of love between us and each aspect of life, then and only then can we represent in natural and human laws the proper relations among all living beings. This is when we become whole and one with the Spirit-which-moves-through-all-things.

Sunflower 13x19 print $100
Prairie Rose and Beetle 13x19 print $100
Bergamot 13x19 print $100
Butterfly Weed and Moth 13x19 print $100
Brown-eyed Susans 13x19 print $100

A percentage of the sales benefit the Park Theater. Thank you.

The art was on exhibit through July 2011.

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