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Carol Anderson

About The Artist

Carol has always been interested in art and has “dabbled” in painting and drawing since she was a child. She feels that the quote “A photographer is a painter in a hurry” aptly describes her. After purchasing her first camera she was in love with photography. After a few years of experience as an amateur she opened a studio where she photographed anything and everything. Now she only photographs for her own pleasure, usually scenery. The scenes include her native central Illinois, various places in Europe, and now her new home in northern Wisconsin.

Her preference is for beautiful, realistic scenes, agreeing with the artist Monet who said there is enough ugliness in the world. Carol describes her work as a combination of capturing what she sees and showing to others her unique view of the world. She once had a one-woman show titled “A Sense of Place,” which is how she feels about all of her work—the images are a visual description of a place.

Carol lives two miles from Seeley in a log house, which is also Forest Moon Bed and Breakfast, with
her husband Lenny and their two cats JoJo and Figaro.

Westminster Abbey 22.5” x 20” - Photograph $240
Courtyard Fountain 19.5” x 23” - Photograph $240
Steps of Provence 19.5” x 23” - Photograph $240
Salisbury Cathedral 19.5” x 23” - Photograph $240
Gate to Cathedral 19.5” x 23” - Photograph $240
Stonehenge 22.5” x 15” - Photograph $240

A percentage of the sales benefit the Park Theater. Thank you.

The art was exhibited through December 2012.

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