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Cida (Priscilla) Smith
Nine Mile Creek Studio

About The Artist

Cida (pronounced Sid-ah) was born and raised in Bloomington, Minnesota where she met her husband Rick. They resided in the Twin Cities area where Rick owned a business.

In 1990 Cida and Rick purchased a small cabin in Cable, which they enjoyed for many years. Rick recently sold his business; they both retired and have built a new home on that same property. Cida now paints full time at her studio in Cable. They have one son who lives in NE Minneapolis.

Art has always been a part of Cida’s academic and personal life. She enjoys the challenges of watercolor and has studied it for 25 years. Her more recent artistic journey has taken her into mixed media, acrylic and collage. She continues to study as an adult, taking workshops from such notable artists as Cheng-Khee Chee, John Salminen, Karlyn Holmen, Jan Wise, Bob Burriage, Gerald Brommer and others.

The north woods are often an inspiration for her work.

Artist’s Statement

I was blessed with creative parents who always encouraged my interests. Even as a child I spent time drawing and painting, entering my first art show at age 10.

I consider myself an intuitive Artist who uses experimental techniques. Abstracts are my favorite style since they use the pure basics of design, which allows the viewer to create their own story.

I try not to take my Art too seriously because I believe that “play” is an important part of the creative process. I love to let the painting tell me which direction to go. I enjoy experimenting with different media using watercolor, acrylic, decorative papers, markers and more to add texture and depth to my work. This frees my imagination and lets me explore the “happy accidents” that give the piece a life of its own.

Tryangles 34” x 43” - Original Mixed Media $600
Spheris 33” x 41” - Original Mixed Media $700
The Trail of the Ancients 20” x 38” - Original Mixed Media $300
Plane Truth 34” x 42” - Original Mixed Media $600

A percentage of the sales benefit the Park Theater. Thank you.

The art was on exhibit through August 2012.

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