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About artist Barbara Ahrens-Niemi

I was considered the “class artist” during my middle- and high-school years. Working for nine years delayed my college education. While living in Denver, Colorado, I received my Associate degree in art at Red Rocks Community College and my education continued at Metropolitan State University. In 1978 I moved to Madison, Wisconsin and I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with my Bachelors of Art degree in 1981. For the next twenty years Madison served as a great location to market my artwork throughout the Midwest. In 1999, I married Allan Niemi in Hayward, Wisconsin and we now enjoy living “Up North.”

My artwork is inspired by looking out my window, life travels and abundant imagination. I explore color relationships and choose a “less is more” style. Many of my art pieces have an underlying geometric design format.

My mixed-media paintings and collages start with white or black acid-free paper. Many papers have several layers of acrylic paint, gesso, Prismacolor pencils, or oil pastels. This paper is cut or torn and collaged into its new composition with a matte medium adhesive.

During the past twelve years, I have been creating and selling my artwork in the Midwest and the Southwest.

Showy Red 12x24 - mixed media $220
Falls Glory 10x24 - mixed media $210
Golden Petals 12x24 - mixed media $220
10MPH 14x20 - mixed media $225

A percentage of the sales benefit the Park Theater. Thank you.

The art was on exhibit through December 2011.

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